As I look back

It was the Pioneer Classic at Lakeshore in Homewood, Alabama in 2012, and I was playing for the DFW FreeWheelers, mostly on the bench that year. We were undefeated in the DIII bracket, and it was the first time I had to play and then webcast for the college team. We just finished our DIII game against Sheperd, I believe, and we loaded the bus to go to dinner somewhere in downtown Homewood. One of the referees, Buddy Barnes, came with us. I took my usual seat near the front of the bus, and he sat down across the aisle from me. He then began to strike up a conversation with me, thanks me for what I do for the sport, and says the best thing I`ve ever heard, another reason to be proud of what I do. “My dad played wheelchair basketball for 30 years. He`s confined to a hospital bed, and one of his favorite this is being able to watch your webcasts.” That`s why I do this. It`s for the parent, the friend to watch the action. It`s for the people who have never seen the sport before to be amazed. It`s for me to be amazed by the special connections between everyone involved in this sport, a camaraderie unlike I have ever seen before.

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